Lp Timbaleta 14 Y 15 Lp 257-s

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Lp Timbaleta 14 Y 15 Lp 257-s


P LP257S Tito Puente Timbales have a distinctive modern ribbed steel shell. The top and bottom edges are turned-in to create a livelier, more cutting "cascara"—the sound produced when striking the side of the drum shell. 

LP timbale construction has been tested on world tours from Japan to South America to ensure that it withstands the rigors of the road. 

The LP257S timbale set is sold complete with a chrome-plated, heavy-duty steel stand and a die-cast geared tilter that locks tight for straight or tilted playing. The height adjustment mechanism with anti-rattle sleeve ensures absolute, non-slip, positive positioning with only hand tightening. 

LP includes an adjustable welded steel cowbell holder that employs LP's superior eyebolt assembly with the Tito Puente Brass Timbales. 



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